pioneer weekend / still happy to surf

my best friend jessica's ward had a big pioneer day celebration on the lake!
jack scored a gold fish.
brady wanted his new fish NEMO to have a home, so he bought his new pet one.

jack after church.
love him!

we watched soul surfer together whilst putting on batman tattoos.
jack however was not allowed to see the new batman movie but could enjoy a batman yo yo and tattoos instead 


summer pool day!

summer wouldn't be complete without a little pool and car wash!
love him!



if you have ever wondered how much fun you can have in I D A H O, 
i will tell ya all about it.
brady got us tickets to fly out to salt lake city where we met all of his family to drive up to idaho.  
we planned on having jack with us, but had some last minute plans happen so we sadly came sans Jack.

we drove 6 hours to melba, idaho to stay for the night.
in the morning we woke up to play soccer with the family

more driving to McCall, Idaho!

this vacation home was absolutely beautiful!  it sleeps 16 people comfortably, has an indoor play room, and a large grass lawn.  it was perfect for all of us!

i made those "no bake" cookies for everyone

 we went on a 28 mile bike ride

lily pad lake

brady looking all ralph lauren

brady and his parents and i made dinner for the family!
double-stuffed potatoes and chicken.

 we took a drive out to the country and shot some bottles

went to dinner at pizza and tried to make a baby.

we spent most the the day at the lake! it was beautiful and so much fun!
all the men wake boarded

this is a bunch of pictures Kip took of the house.
it came with a tanning bed!

the next day we went white water rafting down the salmon river!
pretty sure this was the most fun i have had white water rafting. 

the night of the 4th of july, we went near the lake and watched them as a family.

earlier that day, we came back to the house and brady made us a bowling alley!
we even got into the costume trunk!

so attractive, right?

bocce ball, s'mores, fun!

we went to the huber family reunion!  
it was so great to meet all of his extended family.

after driving back from idaho, we hung out with kip in salt lake before our flight left.
temple square, city creek mall and the farmer's market!

i even came home from the airport realizing TSA let me go through with this pocket knife!

we had so much fun in idaho!


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