thanksgiving {long-overdue post}

i have been behind, like i've recorded earlier because i haven't had a working computer for about a month {give or take some} so my pictures from thanksgiving were on here.

the three of us drove to arizona to spend time with brady's amazing family. they really are all incredible people. i can say that about each one of them. they invited us into their beautiful home to spend one of the best holidays with them. jackson's time was mostly spent with his father's side of the family for the holiday but before we let him go, we played a sweet game of kick-ball in brady's family's court in their basement.
if you have a boy, or know a little boy, you know he can entertain himself with just a simple ball and a flat surface. jack had a slew of all shapes and sizes of every type of ball in a large enclosed flat area. his heaven. if lightening mcqueen was there, he would be complete!
we played with his cute sister whom he named her "gnarly marlee" for some time making up games... {wait, i just plopped myself on my stomach to watch outside of the court, so no WE} such as "volcano and lava" or "throw the ball but don't really hurt us" and such games made up on the fly. if there was no sense of time or patience, we could have been there all night if jack had it his way.
brady's amazing mom ran out
to get us some frozen flavored icee's
and we played "ticket to ride" for my second time. they are all very smart and make this game seem easy but let me tell you, it is no scrabble. i was on the edge of my seat, realizing how i could never organize lines for trains across america.
i wasn't able to take too many pictures of thanksgiving but one of my favorite memories was playing two touch football with his family. i have never been able to play football with the boys on thanksgiving - granted, i have never asked but regardless, it was a true experience. who would have ever thought someone would trust me with a football and count on me to run with it? i know... they did. i am use to being on the sidelines yelling out things like "defense" or "G-double-O-D-L-U-C-K." his sisters knew how to hustle. his dad was in tip top shape with at least two touchdowns! i don't know if i have ever had so much fun on a thanksgiving. i wouldn't trade this thanksgiving for a dana point turkey trot or surfing with no waves thanksgiving i've had in the past. it was some good bonding, playing sports all day, eating incredible food with amazing people.
did i mention the family scrapbooks? i am grateful brady's mom recorded brady's life and was able to look through it all. he is a great guy, yes, not one person who has met him could deny that but whilst reading these books and watching those family videos.. that sold me! you could just feel the sheer emotion of love and joy he has brought to everyone that has been in his path - especially his close family and friends. i don't remember one picture where he isn't smiling and the people around him weren't influenced by this same happiness.

the friday after thanksgiving, one of my favorite people of all time took me to breakfast and nails done! stephanie cook! i just love that girl to pieces. it was so great to catch up with her and be around her sweetness. after that, brady showed me how extra patient he was by being willing to go shopping at some of the busiest places on BLACK FRIDAY. i snapped a few shots of him on HIS ISLE. what a stink in' babe.
love this guy, so much.
i picked up my little jack man, then brady and we headed back home. sad to say goodbye to his family. during our little drive back, my car hit the jackpot!!!
99,999! kind of exciting! it's only 3 years old.

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Kristin said...

Mulsa! Happy thanksgiving! :) And all the other holidays. I just found a comment you left last week that was waiting for moderation on my blog, I need to get on top of that! I was hoping I'd get to see you over Christmas, I'm bummed I missed you this time. Next time for sure. You look gorgeous as usual, and both of your mens are adorable. I hope 2012 is being so good to you so far! xoxox


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