friday friday friday

i'll try to do these friday posts sometimes. i hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

i am thinking a girl's night with no men, no kids should happen soon. my type of girl's night means comfy clothes, fun music, good friends and projects. who wants to make these book mobiles with me? i want to make at least a baker's dozen.

this video is magnificent. danny rides bikes all over and where he does in this video is beautiful. i recognized only a few places here and it made me want to go back. europe is unreal. danny is great to.

my friend jamie is a seamstress. she is making her aprons now for sale and there is a giveaway. you would love them!

'member when you put those glow-in-the-dark stars on your walls and ceilings as kids? here is the adult version.

apples are the word on the streets these days with fall all around us. soooo, i think i want to make these gluten-free apple fritters.

general conference is this weekend, which means if you have a child, they may get restless. there are packets you can print here to keep them busy for all ages.

this looked like fun to do. call me nuts but it's better than any puzzle i can imagine.

i'm into organizing; especially a kitchen. when a kitchen is cluttered it makes me have thoughts of not wanting to be in it. this lady is great with organizing a kitchen.

do you have a friend that is getting married or thinking about getting married? pass on my name and they can get the entry fee waived. oh, and a free wedding.


camp + surfing with the family

camping with our close friends (basically family) was so fun.
something about that campfire smell, dirt, snuggling and bonding that makes it better than any other option on a weekend night.

then waking up early to surf (despite it being red + high tide)

and then to grab donuts for the friends...
while brady still kept his wetsuit on.
adored it all.

huntington libraries and gardens

if you are looking for something to do in southern california and you enjoy being outside or art, then you really should visit the huntington gardens in pasadena.
this place is breathtaking.
i enjoyed every second walking through each garden.
amazed that this space could hold so many different types of vegetation, shrubbery, beautiful flowers, colors and smells.  
i could spend the whole day there and still feel like i need to see more.  

thanks brade for taking me!  

this picture isn't centered but this one stuck out to me as my favorite.
oil painting from france. 1522. loved it.

LEAFt summer

digging these smokey, misty days.
leaving my fancy dresses hanging to wear soft comfy pants at night.
going for runs where the sound of leaves is louder than my breath.
cuddling a little longer.
oatmeal with apple cider and warm almond milk.
adding fresh nutmeg and cinnamon to as much as possible.
turning blonde bombshells into carmels.
all the good movies coming out.
football season.

it's a great, great time.
hope everyone takes time to enjoy it.


road trip north

this weekend i drove to san francisco solo for 24 hours
the side streets in northern california are gorgeous
i had a lovely visit with my AMAZING friend 
sara who is battling with stage four colon cancer.  
she stayed up late for me to arrive and we ended up talking later than expected.
i loved every second of it.  
she is one of my favorite people. 
a tunnel in the heart of the city late at night

three stages of the morning view of the high rises in 
san francisco from my shower.

then, i picked up my baby bright and early! 
on our way home and very tired
{i let him eat some unhealthy food on our roadtrips - 
although he didn't eat the cookie}
busy makin' me some artwork on his feet
.... as well as the side part of the car.

we got home safe and back to daily routines. 
it's good to have him home.


puppet show

it was a wild friday night watching puppets, eating ice cream and hanging out with our kids.
also a night that i realized, i am so grown up. how did this happen? i am going to parent-kid socials? it sorta made me want to put my hair in pig-tails, throw on my neon blue tights whilst i snack on animal crackers before bed with a disney movie in the background... to revive my youth.



 a few weekends ago we drove to san diego for 
a day of new memories.

the night before i made the boys gluten free rice krispies and surprised jackson with tickets, a day-off of work and no distractions and our undivided attention.  i so couldn't sleep i was too excited to wake him up!

 brady bought jackson some fish to feed the seals...
the seagulls grabbed one of the fish. 
it was great.

 he was exhausted.
we thought he would fall asleep driving home...
so we stopped by the beach
and made some pretty neat sand castles.
it started out with jack helping us and then it ended with brady and me making cars 2 palaces with jack directing.

 notice the street lights made out of seaweed?
the surgeon is an artist as well. he has it all.

such a great weekend.


pictures of lately

the best hamburger maker... right here.

someone is married!

being able to pick him up from school is the best.

buying food whilst hungry is not a good idea.

my date at a wedding. 

costco is sporting the green and red already?! love it!

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