best sushi in los angeles!

{such a smokey picture from my phone being phone being funky.}

i may or may not be posting this week, so i wanted to share our new favorite sushi place. it's in an unexpected place where you have to take your shoes off to enter. the food and service was perfect. such a great, great night!

IRORI sushi is located in marina del rey in the county of los angeles.


wahooo its the weekend

{picture found here}
this weekend will be it's usual busy but hopefully some time to relax somewhere outside. then off to san francisco!

here are some links:

-my sister is uber creative and made a bunch of these for our family + friends. now she sells 'em!
Book Wreath MEDIUM

- how could you not be super happy with these socks?

 anyone else loving hot pink being in?

- totally doing this with jack when i see him sunday night!
061311 pencilstamp62 Busy Toddler Activity of the Week: Pencil Stamps
-this little box of fun things makes me want to sail.
-these summer crostinis' would make a perfect appetizer.

Yok_kam_clo_4_large-if you have ever wondered how to make a cloud balloon, stop wondering.



my friends asked me to hang out with their five kids so i had fun taking them to the great american park, the movies, dinner, we made homemade bread, ballet, tissue balls, cookies, colored, played tennis, played baseball, jumped on the trampoline... it was great! i love having a house full kids.


year of color

kate spade says it's the year of color, i'd have to agree.

i will be doing the posts you guys requested...
a victoria's secret "s" wave tutorial + SF things to do.  it's on my list.


d-d-d-dodger dog!

we love a good baseball game.

this past weekend we went to see the dodgers play and
some friday night fireworks!

i took this without him knowing during
a backwards hug :)

even though they lost, we had a sweet time.


almost fall masque

yeah, so my friend told me take a can of pumpkin and smear it all on my face for all these good reasons she listed.

i had her on video chat with me... here's how it went...
clean your face, take a spatula, scoop away that slimy canned root.

pretty soon, it fell down my shirt, all over my lap - ya know, all clumpy and such.
i tried to be a lady about it with some grace but that seemed impossible.
she was pretty sure it wasn't suppose to look like this.
...but how much fun it was!
if you want to try it, i suggest laying down whilst putting on + then sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon.




what i'm into these days

happy weekend!
it's been busy as well as traveling back and forth to san francisco. sometimes i wonder why i blog and think only my friends from the various places i've lived read it sparingly to see what we are up to, but this week, i have come to find out i have requests for what to post today from my local friends.
here are things i am into lately:
{i feel so girly doing this but i'll indulge nonetheless}
unite 7 seconds
it will not let you down. it is hands down the best leave-in conditioner for all hair types, paraban free, gluten free, sulfate free and has aloe to restore your hair. i love the way it makes my hair feel and others. its a little pricey but worth it. if my description didn't convince you, most of the celebs use this product line for hair... it's simple, it works the best and it lasts a long time.
rings that are simple and thick banned - gold. this one is my favorite. plain with some personality.
these yogitoes towels. if you practice yoga, especially hot yoga, then you would love these. they have the right blend of grip for your feet with you get all slippery holding downward-facing dog.
this belt from anthropologie. a good belt is like a good pair of black pants or a perfect fitting white t-shirt... you can wear it with almost anything to dress it up or down or make a mumu show you have a waist.
not that i have hair, but if i did, i would do this style of curls like back in the day. i really like it when a girl gets this right. being that i look at hair first (unfortunately) when i start talking to someone, i can tell how they attempted this "victoria secret S wave."
here is the secret, open the marcel where it's hot and curl your hair every other way each indiviudal section. maybe i'll do a whole post about it.
i'm totally digging naps in the park. who cares if the grass makes you itchy, the ground is damp, this has to be one of my favorite activities.
janie and jack have stayed strong with being my #1 kids brand for jack. i love their seer sucker shorts. i also get pants for jack from H&M. they look the best and the prices beat kids GAP.
laura mercier makes makeup and such, but never knew she made candles until my cute friend brittany gave me this creme brulee candle. the smell is unreal; like how i imagine heaven's scent will be. i want to buy the rest in stock so this smell never goes away. 
i have been on the biggest kick for oatmeal. i think i go through two of those tubes you get from trader joes a week between jackson and i. here's a little secret that i want to share that may get you hooked like us...
i add a teaspoon of organic almond extract while i'm cooking it then when it comes out, i add frozen berries and sometimes a little whipped cream if i'm feeling spontaneous! oh, it makes me so excited about morning.

a friend of mine from childhood gave me this aztec clay. i believe she bought it from mother's market. it's amazing. you add a little bit of water, get out your nice art brush for your face, paint your face or impurities and it makes your skin feel brand new. i use it once a week and have noticed my skin is loosing my dark patches from pregnancy and my pores are getting smaller. i love it. those aztecs, they know what they are doing.
jennifer anniston sets the standard for most women and their haircolor. now that she made a risky move to stray from her normal cut, i have people every week send me this picture to cut their hair like her. it's called a LOB. BOB + longer hair = LOB. i have yet to dislike this on anyone. it gives you a jawline if you didn't have one before. it extends or appears to lift your cheekbones even if they didn't need it. it's fun and versatile.

so that's all i have for you. unfortunately i'm not much of a shopper so this may not have helped most of you but this is me lately.
have a great weekend!


we love having a pool in our backyard.
{kind of cool pictures from the delay on the phone}

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