square bean bags

i use to be very passionate about sewing. i wanted something, i found the pattern and made it. i loved this fun little activity once upon a time because you can see something, get inspiration to do it yourself and then make it better with your style, your own fabric you prefer and make it fit. around christmas time, i almost started making a "love sac" like i've done before but time wasn't allowing this project to make it possible. i just ran across this pattern for making square shaped sacs and thought it would be fun to share for those that are into sewing, creating and such. i do have to say, i'd rather do a round shape, but it's an easy fix to your pattern (study a baseball, make a pillow sac and then the cover with the zipper so you can wash it)

crate and barrel use to sell these but they no longer carry them. this picture is from west elm. the tutorial can be found here.


h a p p y

i urge you to please
notice when you are happy,
and exclaim or murmur or
think at some point,
"if this isn't nice,
i don't know what is."
-kurt vonnegut


little jack poi

karate, karate, karate.
that is the topic of conversation with this little babe.

i really didn't think he would be as into it as he is,
but i'll take it!

if i could sign him up with baseball or soccer, i would.
in a heartbeat.
he only misses one day every other week and i am lucky enough to have a flexible work and school schedule that i'm able to attend. his gee {that's what it's called} is far too large. i'm thinking his teacher wanted it to double for mine as well? he's swimming in it.

after his last practice, we watched the sun go down, while he showed me some of the new moves he learned. the times i feel like i should be caught up with all my friends and be on baby number 3 or 4, i am extremely grateful for nights like these where ic an give jackson all my attention and time; just the two of us.


roly poly stoly

first of all wikapedia says you spell roly poly as i just wrote it. i thought you spell this bug as rollie pollie. thank goodness for wika.

that anticipated question i get everyday, "mom, what are we going to do today?"
the elongated search of what is the best, most possible fun of funs that can be had is on the early morning agenda but in a five-year-old's mind, sometime a mother's rule can turn this pursuit of elation into complete and total failure.

i have this new rule: no food in the car. a vicism that my dad has been saying since i can remember, is "you drop one french fry, just one and your car will forever smell like mcdonalds."
so i have been trying to enforce this rule of no eating in the car. it's a lofty one i would say at best, but i remind him daily of it.

before we were leaving for a drive, i checked his little palms to see if they were clean and helped him up into his booster seat.... un-californians: did you know about this new law? eight! they have to sit in this booster until they are eight despite their weight. correct me if i'm wrong. i mean what if my kid was a giant and looked like he does in it, is this still okay? if i were a large seven-year-old, i wonder if i would be embarrassed? oh well. a law is a law. i digress quickly as you can tell... so i begin driving and hear the sound of small pebbles being poured into something. i look back and i see this:
first i notice the face, then how he is frozen, then his guilty hands! jack was collecting little roly polys prior to our car ride with our neighborhood friends. i see the once full cup of dirt, grass shavings, rocks and little bugs - empty, i asked him where the little roly polys went. his soft-spoken, no eye-contact response was, "i had 28 roly polys mom. i collected uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, their brothers, their sisters, their babies, their moms, their dads, their cousins. you name it mom, i have all their family right here." pointing down to his seat. he poured them all into his booster seat's cup holder!
uncertain if this was defeat of my rule, also uncertain if i was mature since the smile on my face was hard to hide as well as the need to laugh, i asked him why he brought them into the car. he told me he wanted to show them where brady lived! ha! these adventurous roly poly's enjoyed discovering new places, eh? the sudden urge to want to pull over and throw them outside came across my mind and then after playing out that one visually, i had to go to plan B when i got to the part where he would cry. i had to choose the right and be fair. i pulled over and had him transfer them back into the cup. he scooped each one (except three that ended on their backs, wedged in between the middle seat, helpless) and the RP family was safe again in their plastic caboose.

i bargained with my grown-up child. the stipulations were he could bring them in the car as long as they all stayed in the cup and his hands stayed out of the cup. i look soon after and see this:
he is having his friends watch BUGS LIFE with him! oh my did i break my coolness then! he said they love this movie! of course they would. there are two roly poly's in this one from russia with thick eyebrows. duh.

we played at the park for hours and hours. razored our hearts out. we found out that sonic is still alive in popsicle stick form from the walking ice cream man! jack showed me new tricks while i did the mom thing and just thought the world of him all day long.


sometimes when you can't put the kayak in the ocean because it's a cliff away,
you just need to put it in the pool.
i love my partner in fun.
he is the icing to my cupcake.


clippers > wizards

brade and i celebrated our valentines day, a day later with a fun game at the staples center! you get me at a game and i'm all smiles. despite the game not being overtly exciting, we had a good time being smooshed in between all the die-harfans in our seats one level from the floor.

good show, good endless diet coke and best company.


valentines day: mini love version

cake made by jack.
gluten free chocolate and strawberry frosting!
we ate the whole cake with sharing a few pieces!
Valentines 2012
finally finished all of jack's valentine crayons for his class the night before!
he told me they were a hit but the stickers were not so much.

spent some of the day in laguna beach
then went to jack's karate!
he kept coming over to me to give me kisses during class!
what distraction? whoopsies...
dinner - his choice
frozen yogurt with a cheeky smile
then we rode the ferris wheel in irvine! it's one of our favorite things to do.
jack forgot how high we go and held onto my legs for the first few rounds!
then he mustered up enough courage to hold my hand and lift his head!
we had a contest who has the chubbiest cheeks - the jury is still undecided.
i gave him a sparkly heart for our cheeks to match. he liked it for
about 3 minutes and then threw it off the
seat to see if it would sparkle on the way down... hmm.
loved our quality time together.
it's always sweet and fun when you are with someone you love.
my other valentine was working his two-day shift, so i got this surprise in my inbox!
40 pages of a poem he wrote and inserted our jib-jab faces in!
the only expression i had on valentines day was the biggest smile!
i am feeling le love.

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