someone graduated!

here's the gist of this post:

-lots of yellow and blue
- a handsome man graduated from dental school
- original plans of just a few people over to a party happened from my thinking, why not make a big fuss about it?

its not everyday you graduate from somethin' like this.
fun was to be had + a celebration was in order.

it was a great ceremony!
such an accomplishment.
matt + brady
ahhh, us.

so most of his family surprised him to be there
so we had dessert after dinner.
i surround myself with creative friends who helped with a few ideas.
- the mouthwash was gatorade.
- white balloons with canines drawn on them
- hanging blue dots everywhere from the ceiling
- things hanging from floss
- lots of sugar; such a dichotomy.

brady had no idea i was decorating his kitchen like this...

yeah, costco made this one.
i ran out of time with our weekend festivities. i added crushed up toffee chocolate bars, edible shimmer, edible blue dots, a white chocolate teeth mold and fun candles!

this is the set-up.
it wasn't exactly what i envisioned but i like how it turned out.
smarties... get it...
mr. goodbar because he is good guy...
m&m's because he loves them
cutting the cake with his family.
these diplomas were filled new
toothbrushes for everyone to take home.

our outfit number 2 of the day.

once his family left, our married friends from school came over with their kids and we celebrated.
{i'm still working on taking pictures when i do events, so yeah, i
borrowed most of these from everyone}
ah, i love this guy.

we both love reeses...
so i turned them into graduation hats.
godiva chocolate squares, lollipop sticks, a sprinkle and a piece of sparkly decor for the string.

molar meringues...
oh i think i'm witty sometimes.
+ i think i ate half of this bowl.
these were so easy to make.
i hand-pinned them to their curtains that
luckily matched my color scheme.

the cake during the friend party.
i didn't have someone take a picture of them, but i had little thank yous for everyone with those luggage tags and chocolates inside.
lindsey and shauna + me with brady

frozen blueberries inside the water.

for his graduation gift, i couldn't think of anything he needed or wanted. guys are always so hard to gift.

after searching ideas online this came up!
the inside trophies are metal. they are to hold up his white coat when he is a practicing oral surgeon.
congrats brady!

1 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

What amazing photo's as Always, You both look the Complete Princess and Prince! PLEASE pass on my CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES TO BRADY! John xxx


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