shuffling cards

one of my dear dear friends jenn king ...
{right: Jenn left: Sarah}
made something really sweet for her husband.  i like it so much that i wanted everyone to see.  

i love this idea.  so trumps the "coupon" idea. 

thought maybe this was a great way to end february posts.

ending love hallmark celebration month with a ba-ba-bang.




if you're going...

listening to: drew danburry
packed, ready to go.
i ran 8 miles this morning and did yoga so my energy is still up.

to san francisco...
this is what will be happening this weekend...

take the train into the city

drive up the coast to napa valley

visit my friends from the bay area - especially the ones who just had babies.

probably wear something like this and look awkward

take a bike around town...
no i'm not. :)
everyone does there though.  

catch up with some of my friends

probably make one of these for that surreal feeling

i love this drink.  hopefully san francisco has these handy.

union square has my favorite anthropogie.
why? because of their floor displays and window displays.
this store is different than others.
...at least i think.

make zucchini bread with my aunt 
from her infamous recipe that is actually healthy.

probably wear boots the entire time
i seem to do that in the city. so does every girl...
so clique but so fun.

go to my sweetspot cafes in the mission district and the presidio
and just veg out with a book and pride and pred playlist

probably wear something like this day and night and fall asleep in it since i'm always cold

catching up on this
{vogue korea}

taddich grill will be seeing my face along with some friends.
i will always love their clam chowder soup no matter how many tums i have after.
taking a taxi to places while its raining

once all the catching up is done, i'm going to let go of my "to-do" lists like i tell my yoga students and focus on just other things i don't get to think about.

last but of course not least...

spend quality time with my not-so-small-baby in one of our favorite cities.

oh man, that made me tired.
++ Tchau


there he goes

listening  to: the smiths
wide awake with a little bug asleep on my leg...

i never went to preschool but apparently you go on a lot of field trips.  seems like a perfect deal!  you get to learn about colors, numbers, your hands, crafts and then travel around town.  making things come to life.  today jack is going on a field trip in the "magic bus" to the donut store.  jack will pick the same like me: sprinkles and only have the frosting only.

i trained him well... 
or maybe that's not so healthy.

here are some pictures from his past trips.  makes you want to be three again.... trust me.

his and my favorite: the firefighters...
for many many purposes.
this is the day he told me he is going to be a "firetruck"
lego land in carlsbad... this was last week.  he didn't really like it too much because it didn't have too many trains.

thanksgiving presentation of what they are grateful

orange county farm in san juan capistrano
we love animals.
jack says he doesn't love the smelly ones.

{him and his bff-girl charollete}

halloween parade




pitter patter

a few words to close this month of february....

i want you to know i have space in my heart.  
it is reserved for you. 
 i have no idea who you are but i saved a large estate for you. 
 i'm excited to finally meet you.  
only you can take it. 
 lets meet sometime okay?  
don't know how much longer i can't bare these blind dates, 
long firsties and this weight i have been carrying on my own for for-ev-er.  

- my friend rachel who is single 
{i had her write what these pictures mean to her}


dear prudence

listening to: katie herzig: dance in a straight line
slouching with effort in my white bed; exhausted from the weekend.

the weather this weekend was pretty unexpecting.  sometimes it would be raining, sometimes it felt like just having patches of clouds.  tantrums.  regardless, i was dressed for a wedding so it was fun to run around protecting my straightened hair from becoming insta-friz-curly.

i also came upon this website... so fun.  she names her fashion collection after a "miss..." and themes them all.  my favorite is ms. mcnicey.  i am told i'm "too nice" often for one but also, the clothes are totally me.  i think it's the bees knees and will probably refer back often.

this weekend jack and i went on a date.  we drove down the coast and then went to our favorite deli and it was his idea to go down to the beach.  we sat on the sand to have our picnic, he skipped rocks with me and we watched the trains go by as i pushed him on the swings.  

{now i know i will never curl my bangs or cut my hair thanks to this picture...}

this may sound random, but i just really like tina fey.  she is such a great comedian and writer.  
that's all i wanted to say about her.

this week jack and i are going to san francisco, traveling in style. we are going via train!  so fun right?!  I think so.  especially my jack believes so.  i have promised him i would take him but i haven't.  i will drop him off and then get to hang out with jack while his daddy is at work.  it will be a little different than usual.  i am excited to take jack to different parts of the city.  i was going to take a friend up to the city with me, but that friend can't come anymore because of work so i am going to be a free bird and visit friends up there.  it's always weird being without jack but a time i catch up on my books and 100s of emails.

so prudence, this is a random blog post.  so sorry.  please excuse me.
hope everyone has a great week!

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