food and such

tender greens in culver city is the bomb
mixing these together is poppin'

making anything with pumpkin right now just feels right

peanuts at five guys is a great invention

doing laundry late at night with fruit snacks close by makes is so much more fun


as of late

just been real busy teaching jack how to ride a bike without training wheels, buying fish, playing at the beach, going to san francisco, doing some yoga and playing in pasadena.
life is so, so good.



this is 30 minutes into errands.  
he loves his sleep.


fashion finds



having your five-year-old teach you how to play a game is the way to go!  it's also my favorite way to spend a tuesday afternoon



i apologize... so many things are occupying my time but i promise i'll be back. i have so much to record.



loves from my boy {instagram}

pure romance

all of these photos remind me of romance. they are so old, so this is a dump from my computer. just has you twitteratted right? ah, le love.


saying hello to autumn


high fives for a five year-old

jack's birthday weekend was somethin' else.

the saturday before we were in LA where brady blindfolded jack in the car and surprised him with chuck-e-cheese, then mcdonalds, then shakes at in-n-out and back to watch a disney movie.
jack was in his version of heaven.

birthday eve:
we celebrated with family and brady, justin and lauren
elise and drew threw him a sweet party
silly string, BBQ, presents, skinny jeans, cupcakes and party hats.

his real day consisted of:
surprise kidnap breakfast + gifts with isabella
lunch with friends
aquarium of the pacific in long beach with a friend
hamster ball
dinner at BJ's pizza
and dessert every second he could.

{more pictures from celebrating with friends}


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