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Embrace Messy Hair - Lino Print
{found via etsy}
having short hair has opened a new set of insecurities. let's discuss this.
not since i was a little chubby kid, have i had short hair. 

at that time, it was acceptable, past maybe four or five you are in that zone of, "is it a boy or a girl" to "maybe she cut her own hair, " or "maybe she is a tomboy" to growing older to "maybe she likes girls" to "maybe she is just really artistic or really mature" attracting the odd or artistic only to other stereotypes i shouldn't write so i don't offend people.

for me now i am fifty fifty. i either love it or dread walking outside.  i feel stripped of my femininity most times. 
oddly enough, i have trimmed it myself since it was first cut in november so the sides would be even and less thick.
{jon madison photography above}

since i'm stuck with this one for a little while, i couldn't help but loose myself in ideas for short cuts or those who wear them with ease or where it's socially acceptable...

katie holmes
tangled (at the end)

the bee movie
monsters vs. aliens
natalie portman

forgot this actress' name...

i miss having long hair.
ovs short hair.
i won't cut it anymore and letting the natural color grow in...
to get there and fast, i am taking biotin everyday and went into sephora to ask about their hair growing pills... the girl filled me in with this little homemade trick for WOMEN only...
mix a crushed whole month's pack of birth control with your shampoo and let it sit on your warm head for a few minutes.

i studied up on it and it has been proven to work. who knows really though.
so what did i do?

i tried it tonight. 
it better be longer tomorrow, or else... 
tegan and sara comments are bound to continue.

4 lovely notes:

meredith conroy said...

haha i cant believe you tried the crush birth control! cant wait to hear if there are results.

you look like a beauty with short and long hair, hang in there, those locks will be back before you know it, better than ever.

likeschocolate said...

I don't have the problem of hair growing, but my problem is my hair is so think and curly that I have basically only had to hairstyles my who life. A bob or long. You are lucky that you can wear something so cute.

McCall said...

ha ha. you are hilarious. I like katie holmes hair cut... that one is cute. I am thinking of going short for the summer... not short short but you know, the typical jennifer aniston shoulder length cut. think about it -- then when i am ready - you will be my stylist! also - jack really needs a hair cut... wanna do it? i have tried... but it always looks terrible and i end up buzzing it. but the last time that happened, he cried - because he didn't want it buzzed. poor kid. love you tons!

p.s. you always look feminine. like a sexy feminine. love ya!

Liese said...

love this!

1) I just cut my hair and I hate it so this was a nice boost to making me feel okay about it

2) I am growing out my hair now because I miss when it was longer. My hair used to be a lot longer when I graduated high school. Ever since it has been short

3) You make short hair look great! I envy you!

4) love you!


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