special february tumblr

february is really here. this may be one of my favorite months.
have i mentioned lately how blessed i am?
when you know the smartest, most sweetest, most sincere, most hard-working guy, most loving, most good-looking - ist guy, it can really make a girl feel real special. the kind of special to write home about. the same one that motivates you to believe you can do anything. it's that special you thought you felt when you first felt butterflies but take that feeling and throw in a home-run, a touch-down, a world-cup goal, and then times it by infinity. that is some kind of wonderful, let me tell you.
he is my shake to my bake and the blue in my sky.
:: happy love month xo ::



we have been wanting to try this place near venice beach for a while now called
it's a popular place with people coming in and out, trendy sayings on the walls, fun decor but a comfortable home-feel; like eating in your parent's dining room.
the menu choices were creative from the ingredients to the names with no slacking of details or simplicity.
you betcha we were all very happy about our experience despite the loud party behind us who all brought their outside voices and the fact that we didn't get the coloring table. next time. oh, next time... because there sure will be a next time.
especially after seeing those hamburgers being brought out to the other tables. they were the size of our faces!
nom nom.
{coloring table to lauren's right shoulder}
brady thinking about the plan of action on his pick of the full monty.

thanks for coming with us lauren and justin!



my san francisco traveling treat

taking jack to san francisco was a real treat. i have to say i sort of miss the experience of it all.
he packed his suitcase full of tiny toys and nothing else.

so independent.
our window-seat neighbor attempted a nap but our fun from the little travel bag i last minute threw together, got all too rowdy :)
who knew mini-jenga and tiny-tic-tac-toe can be so loud?
we arrived to the city and had to walk by the illuminated picture of the buildings.
we played the game of coloring the town and which colors look best.
then stopped by our favorite eel in the fish tank by the perfumes.

after doing this exchange since he was 8 months, he is a perfect traveler. he came back at least an inch taller; or at least it appears to be that way.


some weekend :)

   in a nutshell, these pictures describe our weekend...

+ tennis after the rain
+ color me mine with jack & yogurt land
+ les miserables
+ church
+ games
+ tuna melts
+ crack the egg with the nephew & niece
+ loving asher
+ elise's dessert
+ made 5 sozen gluten free cookies
+ sunday roast
+ hugs and kisses.


some fun, you two.


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