it's a bug-E-bug world

these two boys love bugs.  when jackson leaves for san francisco, his little buddy watches his bugs for him.  spending $5.99 on this little bug catcher at target was the best investment for my little love.  he use to make a bug circus but now he is putting the bugs in his circus.  genius.


L'oReal Professional Class

L'oReal sent out one of their best last week for a beneficial few hour class we all learned from.
The instructor Scott went around the room and asked each of us our history of each of our carrers and what we were looking for to learn in the class.
is what we all looked for and that is what he delivered.
the models were great - however one had no intention of cutting her hair but was trying to grow hers out.
so one cooperative model and one left in tears over two inches.

he used a pound cake cutter to get rid of her tangles! genius!

this lady was with me since my apprenticeship when i was 17!  
we did the queen of england's hair and makeup together at the st. regis!
she is talent, i must say. pure talent.

this girl was super pretty.
she didn't intend on getting bangs, but she left with indy bangs! oh!



our weekend!
at the pool.
jack would walk up to grab a chip with fins on!

the boys played in the pool, we visited the new park while baseball games were going on and had a picnic, painted a lot. it was a swell saturday.

then snuggled with lady
the monopoly with the family and got worked by bree
then celebrated cute linds' birthday!


carrots the bunny

jackson and his friends are convinced that if they make signs like this and look super sweet whilst holding a bunny, that we will fold.  my friend shannon did for her jane, but we are holding strong.  no bunny yet but lots and lots of bunny talk.

maybe i'll get him a goldfish that lives for more than a week and lizard?

spring is here!

so we are celebrating!

with rainbow pellet ice cream

looking too cute while asking for something too large

i surprised jackson with a gardening set for him so when he woke up, he had something to get him excited to come home from school to...
so we planted some sunflowers, strawberries, tomatoes and other plants!


jack made me a picture. 

we are sharks.

a few days there it was pretty warm, so we had some popcicles while looked for bugs in his new bug catching machine!
this particular morning he didn't want his picture taken because he hadn't done his hair!


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