i feel like this blog might turn into a journal... we'll see.  i'm becoming more and more private as i grow in age but forget so much quicker the cute, fun, sweet, lovey details i like to look back on when i need them.  i've been a journal writer since 4. i remember writing things in my journals with my little pony and a lock saying things like, "i like the beach."  or "i like sandy eggo" or "i want a dog but my mom said they smell."

this one has me smitten. it's from Q+A.  it asks you questions at the top of the page.  kind of like your college english classes where the teacher gives you a topic and 15 minutes to free hand write anything on your mind... ya, sorta like that.  i want one! so fun right?  i still write in jack's little journal he has had since he was growing in my stomach but as i'm trying to bring simpleness back into my life and fast things out, i think this would fit perfectly in this docket.


jimmered field trip

jack likes his preschool class.
jack likes his teacher.
jack likes his classmates. 
jack likes sea world.
jack likes san diego.
jack LOVES that micah is in the class before him + that they were together...
let's find some humor in this day.
the herd of all 60 kids and us dads + moms were walking to our programed day and the five of them just planted themselves on the bench. they decided they were done walking. just done. all of us moms busted out our iphones and caught them.  naturally, they reacted to other moms saying, "cheese" so they gave it.

we went to the sea lion show. jack was hanging with his boyz.
they poked at the star fish.
almost threw some at each other, until i regulated... not really. until ben's dad regulated.

we got the babes together for shamu.
let's talk about this show for a sec...

 {jack's feet up}

okay it's about as boring as watching free willy on mute.
i would have much rather seen the sharks three times more and came home to watch the discovery channel's special on killer whales while reading the free pamphlets the greenpeacers hand out.  all the moms and kids would agree with this opinion i'm owning.
the highlight of the show was these two crazies...
i mean come on... there is no sense making in either of these hair cuts. 
 i looked at them more than the famous whale.

totally bored.
i think this is right when shamu was about to do "around the world" where she swims around the tank.
ok ok okay you get it.

we had lunch which was so fun. 
the line was a mixture of all of miss dianne's class and tourists who thought all of our kids were monkeys.  we fed the babes, missed the group pictures because our group wanted popcicles and then headed to the dolphin show. 
so we have had season passes for years. this show is nothing new.  especially when you go with a kid that has the best memory.  he kept saying,
" hey mom, this is the part when the bird flies and picks him up... and then the bad guys come. oh and then the bad whales get them wet."
uhhh, yeah.  you smarty-pants you.

we all got lost, so jack and i scrammed.
we escaped to one of my favorite places... 
seaport village.
that place has something about it that makes me so excited to go each time.
i love taking jack. 
my family took me there all the time growing up.
jack said these exact words,
"mom if you ever get me another daddy, will you get married there after the castle? and can i come?"
oh buddy.

looking for sharks, of course...

ahh i love that face.

navy boat + jack....

he is telling me about the airplanes he sees.

mondays = fundays .... jimmer.



finally private. i do feel better about this.  i don't feel any pressure to post often or that people from indonesia or random countries are reading my thoughts about my random activities with jack.


veggies and bird houses

eric invited us over for dinner.  he made this amazing gluten-free dinner & even cucumber cupcakes for the kids.  i am still thinking about it and want the leftovers.

after we made gf and dairy free brownies and devoured most of the batch.  
they were the bee's knees.

after, scout and jack and i painted + decorated the birdhouses i brought while eric did the dishes. 
i know... totally felt spoiled. 

while they dried, we painted on the canvases.

scout- rapunzel 
jack- stripes


he knows of a muffin man

when jackson first started watching shrek one, then two, then three, he became obsessed with asking me if i knew who the muffin man was. 
then he began asking everyone else.
in march i gave an update... but he hadn't met the muffin man yet...
he finally did in los angleles a few weeks ago.
he was so giddy and happy.

he said he was expecting drury lane to be further away 
and the muffin man to be bigger.

jack update:
::things i'm loving about jackson lately::

1. while watching dennis the menace together, he commented a few times when dennis was up to no good, "mom, that isn't very nice of him. he should go on timeout." or "that is a potty word."... ahhh, all this effort is working... however, he did laugh throughout most of it.

2. he loves to play outside with his cousins/friends. he smells like a schweaty puppy at the end of everyday. 
{pictures courtesy of my sis elise}

3. when he came home from a playdate with his friend jane looking like this...
his expression when i first saw him was unforgettable.

4. how he squeezes my hand three times whenever he can. i love that he picked up on that.  {i.love.you.}

5. we were at nordstrom the other day and the pianist was playing the theme song from WALLE by louie armstrong, so he sat down next to him to listen until he was done. 

6. often he asks me awkwardly in front of someone we are with, "do you love me or _________ more?" 

7. how much he loves to shop.  more than me.

8. he thinks jesus plays wii.  i come downstairs to find him playing wii tennis. he says, "mom, jesus is playing with me. cool huh?" i am not sure what to tell him at this point. i think it's just a bearded character but i love his faith.

9. climbs and hides anywhere and everywhere. it's fun until he finds too good of a place to hide that takes me longer than it should to find him. walmart is a big place.

10. his patience while i tied his first real tie. it took me ten minutes to get it together. so unlike my past record time when i did it often.  it's amazing how rusty three and half years of non-tie, tying can make you.

11. he was explaining a description of one of his friends he plays with up in san francisco and says, "she has curly hair and googley eyes that sometimes look different ways!" 

12. jack: "mom, how old you have?"
me: "26"
"oh. this whole time long i thought you were four."

13. on our walk in newport, there was a house being fumigated and was persistently asking me if we could go jump in it.
...no jack, that isn't a bounce house.

14. he takes his shirt off any chance he gets.

15. he randomly will tell me he loves me. it makes me feel so stinkin' special.

16. how he has three cowlicks in his hair. i do hair and he would have three.

17. when we saw the movie TRON together he was the loudest there blurting out, "oh man, i love this movie!...oh i love this!... oh the lights!... i want a motorcycle!...can i do that!...oh no way!"... obvs he  was very into it and paid little attention to my whispers in his ear to quiet his excitement. 

18. we were going to noey's bowling party, and on the gift we were giving her had a group of disney princesses on it.  he says, "mom, how come the little mermaid isn't on here?" m: "well, she didn't make the cut." j: oh. i like princesses but not all their toys. they are weird."

19. how i find him somehow melted against my body in the morning.  he crawls into bed sometime around 5 am and fits perfectly next to me.  i need to read a book about what age this needs to stop but i don't want it to.  i love it.
{he is on the plane here. that would be awkward if i put one of us spooning on here. get real}

20. how much he loves fun. 


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