so it has been a long, long time since i have gotten onto this thing. i am not quite sure if anyone still reads this, but for those few, here is a little update....

changes lately:
- we planned a wedding in 7 weeks
- sent out 700 invitations
- almost 500 people attended both celebrations
- we had an amazing honeymoon
- we moved into the cutest place in the cutest town
- we are even more in love than we thought possible!
{nutshell version}

being married to the right person is the best feeling.
i remembering seeing couples throughout my life who really loved, cared and shared the same goals of etermal marriage was something i have always wanted to emulate in my own marriage and until june 1st, i have experienced it first hand. brady is the most loving, caring, sweetest, most gentle, sincere, kind, humble, benevolent, smartest, and so many other very important "ests" man i have ever known.  there are many near and dear thoughts i have of him that i'll try to spare for the public, but needless to say, i sure am blessed to be his wife.

i'm so grateful jackson has such an amazing example to look up to -- brady loves jackson and jackson sure loves brady.  he is so patient with jackson, so loving and gives him lots of attention.  i love seeing their relationship bloom.

at our rehearsal dinner, my very best friend i have had since i was four was asked to speak by the crowd unexpectedly.  when she got up to talk, she became emotional talking about how she has known me better than any other friend and has been by my side through it all. she started talking about how i would make collages for friends, serve my friends, do anything for my friends but never has she seen a man that is just like me and when she saw that herself, she knew brady was the one.  brady does all that and much more. i really feel so lucky!

not sure if i will continue this blog, but for now, this is what's going on.

where i got my dress - illume gowns
where we got married - LOS ANGELES TEMPLE
if you would like to see some of our bridals my sister took, click here.
if you would like to see some pictures from our wedding and reception, click here.
both photographers were extremely talented and both used film so the quality is excellent!




my talented sister elise
with eliselphotography

took our engagements at a field in south orange county.


weekend with jackson

we picked up jackson right after he had practice, and surprised him with
"a very happy unbirthday" items,
a new travel pillow and lots and lots of hugs & kisses.
it felt so good to get him back.
we went to dinner and met the hagbloms up for ice cream after driving around the city.

the next morning, we watched his tee-ball game.
it was pretty cute.
the kids were playing with the bases, all running for the ball, running behind the fence trying to tag the opposing team with the ball, cones on their heads...
but jack impressed us!
he is the oldest so he is a little bit more into it than his teammates.
he has a great arm and hustles.
we loved sitting on the grass, photographing his game.

the hagbloms made it to jackson's game, so jack was over the moon about dexter being there.
his bugs were toted to the game and watched him play.

after we went over to brittany's parents estate 
in el dorado hills and swam, had lunch and relaxed.

raspberry kisses

we discovered pretty hills filled with lavender.

we went to church with them, had lunch, and brittany made cookies.
i asked jackson if he wanted one of her cookies and he said before i took this, 
"no thanks, i'm off sugar this week"
right before dropping him off, we took him to dinner and said our goodbyes.
it is never easy to say goodbye.
i love this little boy more than he could ever know.


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