all hallows evenings


saturday we took jack down to venice beach.
we both thought we have never seen venice look so beautiful.
it was quiet, clean, beautiful and full of friends.

we collected sand crabs, wrote words in the sand, made san castles, played in the ocean for hours, played baseball, played soccer, rolled around in the sand, buried each other and just had a grand 'ole time!
after we walked to the cow's behind right across from c+o's. 
this place had gluten free pumpkin cheesecake muffins!
i died!
they were so delicious, just typing this is making my mouth water and want another!
they also had the best acai bowls i've ever had as well! 
even jack liked them.
dave is so sweet with jack. they have a great bond. it all started over a barrel of monkeys.

we got ready for trunk-or-treat where jack was amongst four other spidermans. so many peter parkers, it was great!
they went all out with a haunted house and everything!
jack kept telling me and brady how lucky he was to have so much candy. 

this picture below gets me... kids are the coolest.


jack had his school party and fun activities throughout the day that filled it up with business. 
we made time for trick-or-treating in los angeles!

we stopped by the mall for a little bit to grab some candy but jack got jipped! 
coupons and stickers :)
brady met up with us for some traditional door-to-door candy asking.
jack ran to each door.
we loved it! 

only in LA, right?

 peter parker was all tuckered out.  i carried him back to the house because he was so tired and hungry.

jack came with us to grab some food with us to say goodbye to our good friend.  he snapped some shots as well!

brady scared us both coming back in... doll-head, spooky music and microphone!

we lazily came in our clothes. 
brady as himself and me as my future self?
he is so handsome, right? 

now that i have eaten all of jack's reeses and snickers,
let the christmas music, lights and spirit begin!

family halloween festivities

at church, jackson managed to squeeze in his costume :)

brady and drew helped me and jack carve this pumpkin!
so fun!

my sister elise and drew invited some us over for dinner in a pumpkin!
i was surely impressed by her skills. 
she is just like me when it comes to cooking... you have the recipe, you read it a few times and then guess your way through.  it was delicious.  
i'm sure she will post more pictures and hopefully the recipe soon on here.

we told scary true stories and spooked ourselves out!

we were bella and edward since "jacob" was in the forest that night, 
as well as spiderman's costume was in the wash :)

i decided i never want my children to be someone or something creepy.  this is proof.

they are so great.
homemade and perfect costumes.

my sweet niece was the white swan 
and micah was captain america!
too cute for the right words!

i made them a little bag of sweets for halloween.
jadey bug loves little cuties so i put faces on them and put tattoos, candy and love inside.


whoa nelly

doing the mashed potato and forgetting your dentures with that gal-pal hunch all night is exhausting but having your sweetie next you helping you walk around those youngsters, makes the night sweet as pecan pie.  they don't make halloween parties like they did in our day.  back when i sent my sweet ben off to war in 1941, our soriees were the cat's meow.

inspiration, possibly this.

  idea to stay in character all night, my guy.
so fun!!!

whoa nelly {take two}

oh my oh my.

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