friday friday friiiiday

so this post has finally come. i apologize for how lame i have been about posting. it turns out life gets busier and busier. weird. this weekend is going to be filled with a date with jackson on friday night, a night on the town and a bunch of catching up.
so here are some friday posts for ya!

+++ orange cream-cicle shoes + vintage = amazing. the price, not so amazing. nonetheless, worth a look.
+++ if you don't have time to make homemade mother's day cards, let them make them for you. viola! i'm tempted.
+++ want to see a mullet house? business in the front, party in the back! san francisco home.
+++ your next baby shower gift. boom! i am doing it. i would love these!
+++ a modern barn can be seen here. nifty.
+++ so the other day i was going to start making pillows again for my couch and then, thankfully found this site. i no longer have to make my fingers bleed, search for the fabric i like and spend countless hours past my bedtime working on them when i want them to look like this.
+++ i really enjoyed this music video.

have a nice weekend!


dessert on this porch

jack and i spent some time together after dinner with some soy dream ice cream on the porch. we talked about life.

this life consisted of plans for the rest of the evening, beating levels on his nintendo DS, what playdates he was going to attend next week and advice to grow my hair out.

time very well spent.


easter was delightful

i've said this before and could say it again, sharing your child on the holidays will never feel normal but has to begin to feel a part of your life. i took jackson to san francisco. while we waited for the plane, we made bunnies and talked about easter.

on easter morning i had some food already prepared and then fixed the rest when we came home from church. all of us friends had our family in different states so i wanted it to be special. i made some ham that i dressed with some toppings i winged, some salad, some fancy eggs, rolls and other eastery things. it was a lot of fun to cook and decorate the table. i hid eggs for grown men and then had them all come downstairs. we ate a lot.
then ate some more. we then decorated some sugar cookies after the mini-strawberry cheesecakes, blew some bubbles and had a unexpected egg confetti fight!

the boys won!

i really don't think easter could have been more fun.
that night, i flew back to san francisco so that i could pick up jackson the next day.
i do have to add, the virgin terminal at SFO is brand new and amazing! i walked around by myself for a while to soak it up.
we then flew home to a pretty sunset.
a great easter weekend with some more details to come...


a niece and two nephews

make spring the best!


oh what a day this was.

today couldn't have been sweeter.
i have spent the past four days with jackson, knowing he would be gone for the weekend and today topped it off for one of my favorite.

it started off making breakfast together and lots of it! we had two helpings of oatmeal.
we then headed over to the dentist for jackson's first visit!

he figured out how to take pictures of himself...

just waiting in the waiting room.

so excited!
i had the job of pressing the button for the x-rays.
he loved it! no cavities!

part two

if you haven't dressed your child up like a bumble bee yet, you should before they realize they are too cool for it. we went to the park for the second part of our day and there happened to be a harmless bee sitting by us.
he is blowing on the bee...

we made some kind of cute easter bunnies from foam.

part three

i had preschool pick up today! i loved having will and isabella over for pops, crafts, forts, playing with trains and throwing army men down the stairs. having a cute little girl around was so sweet. she kept telling me i was her favorite, that she loved me and hugging my hips whenever she felt like it. if only i could do this everyday, i would be in heaven. these kids were the best!

to end the day, jack asked me to give him 100 kisses and re-do today. he loved the dentist and can't wait to go back again.

our full days together pull me through the days i'm without this little bruiser.


early easter fun!

we love visiting the randalls! it's the best spending time with them now that they live so close. we played most of the day and then as we were getting ready for a potluck in the park and easter egg hunt, it rained...
so we decided to do our own little one...
it was so much fun! mccall had a brilliant idea to have the kids hop to find the eggs with their ears i brought. they found all their eggs, we let them eat two and ta-da! it was done!

jackson will be in tahoe for easter so we are happy to have a little celebration. we talked about the real meaning of easter and why we celebrate it. he never ceases to impress me with how much he learns and knows. i'm so grateful.


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