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sorry for these quick ones.
i have one coming that is keeping it real...


for the birdsssssssss

a favorite saying is "for the birds"
to anything you are able to discount in a phrase.

 i found these bird houses on a design website.
they are handcrafted by painter jeff canham and  woodworker luke bartels in san francisco.


chocolate chip cookies twist.

listening to: johnny cash.
 i love him.

oh boy am i missing jacksters.
he is with his dad in san francisco for a week.
what do i do when i miss him?
i bake.
i run a lot.
i sleep in his bunk bed and maybe even cuddle with his stuffed animals while i'm sleeping...

so today {sunday} i made some delicious cookies.
i love making cookies for my family since their usual response to it is...
"are these all natural cookies?" or "are these vegan?" or "are these gluten-free?"

to their dismay, they were the real deal, yo.

i took the recipe off my talented sister-in-law's food blog.
let's just say, the cookies probably didn't turn out as they were suppose to or look anything like lindsay's cookies but the effort is really what i go for.

we didn't have vanilla so i subbed in almond extract.
it still tasted decent.
in-fact, they tasted like they should be in new york....
not because they are so good, but because a lot of jewish deli's use almond extract...

i also put the oats in the blender to make a more powdery solution.
i even placed the chocolate chips individually on each cookie like Linds does.

i made a lot and froze the remaining dough.
enjoy her recipes if you get a chance to try them.

jack preschool is over

no more preschool...
summer has now began.
i am going to miss dropping him off, packing his lunches, talking to the other moms, picking out a toy with him for sharing time, having him tell me what he learned on our drive home, him telling me the current gossip of the kids, hearing reports from ms. marie {mostly good but then some where he wasn't sharing...} 

i will not miss him not wanting to wake up for 8:30am preschool and dressing a mostly asleep three-year-old.

he will start a new preschool come fall.  i'm so excited for his new class as it's one that parents put their kids on the waiting list when they are born.
this summer will be fun!



"Love helps to make us generous and courageous, it opens our eyes not only to the beauty of the beloved but to all beauty"
C.S. Lewis
photography by f-stop diaries


cereal shirts

listening to: she and him
missing my little buddy.
on monday, i took little jackers to disneyland...
in another cereal shirt.

we met up with the clevelands.
since we have passes we stay until either us moms are tired or the babies loose it.



so this is what happens when you watch your niece
and let her play in the mud
with the boys and give her a bath,
and have to dress her in jack's shirt...

photography by my sister elise


the house that lars built

a girl that i grew up with, brittany watson, is getting married.  she currently lives in DC for work.
The House That Lars Built.this isn't any ordinary girl.  this is someone who is extremely talented.  so talented you talk to her for a minute and you feel like one of her talents rubbed off on you.

she use to be a designer for the ritz calrton, currently a major designer for anthropolgie, magazines, as well as dresses exceptionally, has the wittiest personality, has a bomb family that lives to streets from me, and her mom use to be a VOGUE model and ballerina.  all of brittany's siblings and parents play the piano like champs, as well as the entire string family of instruments.

her blog has been so fascinating as she is searching for ideas of how to decorate.
going to designer's weddings is the best.  everything is so detail oriented, artistic and beautifully simple.

among the many weddings i'll be attending this summer for work + play, this is in the top three that i'm looking forward to.
{if i had to choose my personal favorite theme, it's between  the veggies and romantic theme but i think they are all great in their own element.}


:: sea world + san de eggo ::

jackson has been to sea world a few times this year already but i haven't brought my camera.  this time i documented our trip.  it started out with eating soy beans, singing our songs he has memorized, talking about swimming with the dolphins, talking about how he wanted to pet the sting rays and i couldn't stop thinking about how lucky i am to be with him for a whole day.

his obsession for sharks live on.
{believe it or not, i didn't edit the color on most of these pictures.  it really was such a pretty day}

we spent the entire day there.  it was a good bonding mommy+jack time.
we made pennies....

met the dolphins, met shamu, met the sea lions, pet the sea stars, met elmo...

then we needed to take a break at the little park...
so we found this cute hill full of grass, sand and flowers.
i showed him how to make flower necklaces.

jackson took some pictures...
i thought he did a pretty good job

jackson reminded me throughout the day...
"mom did you bring the scumcream?"

i love that he still lets me hold his hand.
hope this lasts a bit longer than i am expecting...

we drove downtown a little to little italy.
one of jackson's favorite meals besides sushi is pasta.


happy "pops" day

i hope you all have a great father's day weekend and spend it with important men in your life.
we will be in carlsbad with the grandparents at the family beach house.  it should be fun.

{picture of my dad}

my dad is such a rad guy.  we have always been close.  he is super mellow, fun and likes to make people laugh.  i love him to pieces.

i will always buckle my seatbelt because of his childhood constant reminders, i will always think strawberries are afrodisiac from the countless times he tells us all, i will always think of him when i listen to U2, i have perfected the sunflower seed spit because of him, i have gratefully known my grammar from him, i get my courage from him to try anything worth the effort, i get my love for the ocean from him and my love for eating things that use to swim from the ocean from him.

i like father's day because i'd rather give than receive but am one of the worst gift givers.  it has to be thoughtful, unexpected and nice.  i feel like men usually get whatever they need when they need it... so...

these are some things my dad would like:
and maybe could help you for those procrastinators out there...

tickets to a local museum
{most men are history buffs or artistic in some fashion}

a library full of books.

he loves root beer
and fake beer from venezula.

my dad loves toast.
maybe not.

found here.
my opinion: nah.
he wouldn't like this.  freebie.

paperweight for all of his desk clutter.
mirrors even.
he can floss while organizing his desk....

a photobook full of the whole family all neat, simple and clean.
designed by an apple of course...
tickets to travel somewhere where you wake up really early and go to bed late because there is so much to do.  an excel sheet for the entire trip would be planned out and schedule filled with a free day to do whatever you want.

i would never gift these unless i got them in san francisco.
designed by twin brothers.

some new frames for his photography
for his home office

a card that says this...
not for my dad...
but for jack's dad.

all seasons of cake boss.
{anything with a camera, he digs.  especially a nikon}
my dad loves this show.
time well spent together remembering good times
prints found here

happy father's day weekend!

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