weekend with jackson

we picked up jackson right after he had practice, and surprised him with
"a very happy unbirthday" items,
a new travel pillow and lots and lots of hugs & kisses.
it felt so good to get him back.
we went to dinner and met the hagbloms up for ice cream after driving around the city.

the next morning, we watched his tee-ball game.
it was pretty cute.
the kids were playing with the bases, all running for the ball, running behind the fence trying to tag the opposing team with the ball, cones on their heads...
but jack impressed us!
he is the oldest so he is a little bit more into it than his teammates.
he has a great arm and hustles.
we loved sitting on the grass, photographing his game.

the hagbloms made it to jackson's game, so jack was over the moon about dexter being there.
his bugs were toted to the game and watched him play.

after we went over to brittany's parents estate 
in el dorado hills and swam, had lunch and relaxed.

raspberry kisses

we discovered pretty hills filled with lavender.

we went to church with them, had lunch, and brittany made cookies.
i asked jackson if he wanted one of her cookies and he said before i took this, 
"no thanks, i'm off sugar this week"
right before dropping him off, we took him to dinner and said our goodbyes.
it is never easy to say goodbye.
i love this little boy more than he could ever know.

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