roadtrip instagrams north to south

oh those donuts.

i gave jack his first CTR ring.

we love food and twinkly lights.

cotton candy toppings.


oakland bridge.

a well deserved spiderman pop.

drove by disneyland fireworks.

we like sweets... what? more frozen yogurt toppings.

golden gate park slides. our favorite.

swimming at our friend's house.

rolling down the hill to get wiggles out.

jack's favorite part.

we played rock, paper, scissors on the way back while he did it with his hands and i'd tell him what i was going to do.

then we played i spy.
the new way we play it, is he says, "i spy with my little eye _______________" if we take too long, we let the other person know the answer.
when it's my turn i am suppose to say, "i spy with my huge mommy eyes ______________"
the rules changes frequently.

when we drive by the cows, we no longer make cow sounds... he makes sounds of disgust.
so baby animals and grown ranging animals aren't so cute anymore to this almost five-year-old.

we sometimes stop to run around, roll down hills, grab a drink if all the snacks i packed weren't enough, have a hug-check, charge my laptop for movie viewing and stretching.

when you are in the company of someone you love with all your heart and soul, a roadtrip can be the best time to catch up and spend together.

i love my little man, so much.

1 lovely notes:

mbobm said...

i laughed out loud when i read " i spy with my huge mommy eyes.." oh man. you are the best. i love you and jackson up dates.


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