i heart sf

a few weeks ago, brady and i went to san francisco together.
we had all sorts of fun, since it is always time to have it.

i had an envelope for each day we spent together of things we were going to do.
we stuck to most of the things but time together is just what we needed.
here is a brief summary of some things we did there:

this day was a lot of fun. we walked over to the golden gate park to walk around everything it had to offer.  we watched lawn bowling for some time, tried to get into the botanical garden, read books on the grass, he studied his flashcards, we hung out in the fillmore district, and then went to mountain view for dinner with the family.  it was a lovely day.

this day together was unlike most.
it started out great!  we visited the seals, walked around, the weather was sunny, saw lombard street, rented bikes, went the palace of fine arts, hot chocolate, cute deli's, four bags of doc's popcorn, dinner to celebrate him getting into USC (but really we were celebrating national hamburger week)...

then it rained while we were on the golden gate bridge!  we had to buy new shirts and were soaked!  it was still a fun adventure!  sidenote: you know you are dating an amazing guy when he helps you eat all your leftovers.  especially when your leftovers are turkey sandwiches on stale gluten free bread!

our last day together in the city we walked through chinatown, around fishermans, and tried to soak up everything we didn't do yet.
we had our pictures drawn...
i'd show it but not sure it's worth mentioning :) 
we looked not ourselves in them but at least the artist was super chill.

 this guy saw us throughout the few days we were there.  he would call us "LA! hello LA!"  he hates the dodgers.  we told him we did too.

we found a park in the heart of the city and hung out in it for a little bit.
i dropped him off at the airport.  it only took us a bus, the BART train and airbus to get there on time.
so bummed to say goodbye!

 then i was one lucky girl to pick this little fella up and hang out with him for a few days in san francisco! we had a good time helping my family get ready for their big move.

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