father's day celebration

i'm convinced this past father's day was just great!
simple, fun and incredible food.

we last minute got as much as we could together in the family and put our two cents in to make it great.

elise blogged better about this day then i did... so you can check hers out for more details/pics.

elise made dad's favorite coconut and
carrot cake {gluten free} from scratch.
i ate all the leftovers.

i decorated.
some mustaches, the table, the {thank you} cards we all filled out for dad that he read aloud... picture further down...
my mom made an incredible dinner
drew BBQ'd the dinner so dad didn't have to
dad showed up and made us laugh
jack spent 15 minutes to make this for his papa
bree made the cobbler

then we played games
dad napped

jack's quote of the day,
"when is it 'happy kid's day'???"

such a great holiday for a happy dad!

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