living in the moment.

i have been all about living in the moment.
when jackson isn't with me, 
i decided that crying isn't productive, 
that going through all my past moments doesn't make 
him magically appear and so therefore, 
the only option is to live in the moment. 

so instead of oatmeal for breakfast, i had gluten free french toast with blue agave and fresh organic strawberries. i was pretty full after the first two but did my best to clean the plate. 
my friend got me some cute anthropologie postcards but some of them aren't appropriate unless i'm sending them to prison inmates, crude people or people who don't have the same taste as 98% of the general public.  the only thought i had to fix them was stencil in animals with acrylic black paint.
i also painted wood circles for a little surprise i'm working on...
on the weekend, brady and i relaxed, went to tender greens for the most delicious dinner, red boxed a movie i think i fell asleep during, went to the farmers market to run into the most famous LAKERS COACH, went shopping for a new chair and then some.  

marina del rey was absolutely gorgeous but pretty cold. 
brady and his roommate went running while i plopped my stomach ache in the sand.

we also checked out venice beach after going on a long walk.
we have never seen this side of venice.

we watched the bachelor together
us sisters
i'm really wanting to get this for our next camping trip

this song helps me live in the moment

we have a new pope!

brady's family came in town
(just mom and sis)
so we had dinner one night at C&O's!
so yummy.

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Smykolandia said...

I am jelous of the wheater. In Poland is snowing... Easter in snow - it's strange! Melisa what the men are doing in the block of sth? Is it a game?


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