S P R I N G B R E A K !

we picked up jackson from the airport and went straight to the movies!
the croods was the cutest.
loved the message, the colors, the characters.
so fun.

before jack and i went home,
 we let him play on the outside playground area. 
he had the whole lily pad to himself! such a cute place.

pretty sure i checked on him over a dozen times while he slept.

when we got home, jackson already fell asleep so of course i had to tuck him in and then give him kisses on his little forehead.  it's not every night i get to have our nightly routines so any time with him i soak up.

the next day brady came down and we went to the beach.
we played, surfed, swam and enjoyed our saturday together.

brady took us out to dinner at one of our favorite places.

we came home and read books, then jack wanted to watch walle.  we cuddled up and then fell asleep... my sister took a picture of us while we were out!
we were tired.
but not as tired as jack...
he slept 13 hours!
i kept checking on him to make sure he was alright.  
the sun mixed with swimming and surfing tuckered him out.

sunday we went to church, looked for bugs, went to the park and then went for a walk.

he found fuzzy face and has been taking such great care of him!

our family went down to rivis to play beach volleyball. it was a lot of fun...
honda CRVs know whats up!

on monday jackson's first grade teacher here said he could come visit the class for the day.
it was the nicest thing.  he was completely dogpiled when he walked into the classroom with his friends yelling, "JACKSON!!" they were all so happy to see his buddy.
jack got to go to recess, lunch, all class periods.
he was in heaven.
we made cookies the night before so he brought those in.
i went into the classroom to help and enjoyed seeing him so happy.
it's been a while since i've seen him in his happy element.

we gardened and then i took the boys home.

my cousins were in town, so i took one of them over with us to the local skate park.
our friends met us and we had a grand ole time.
i wish i took better pictures but i really wanted to watch closely.

we snoozed hard.
we play hard.
he snuck into my room in the middle of the night to cuddle.
sure love it when he does.

the next day we spent at the beach with family and thor.

then dinner at pizza port.
he brought fuzzy face.

the next morning we woke up early and met my family at disneyland!
loved it!

pretty sure the cars ride is our favorite!!

my aunt trish helped me with jackson when he was first born by teaching me how to be a mom.
she would hold him so i could shower when jack was only 3 days old. i love the bond he still has with all of my cousins.

the night he got his new favorite stuft

toy story times two

lotso went too.

the next day we met my childhood friend and her three kids at our favorite park
then looked for more fuzzy faces..
and found a new one!

the rest of the afternoon was spent at the pool, bike ride around the street, jane coming over to craft and making chocolate dentures for grandpa's 86th birthday!

we went to catalina the next morning with the family!
it was fun to all go over together and have my friend's daughter lyla come with us. 
she has never been to catalina.

we rented golf carts, went to lunch, played beach volleyball with the entire family, we had ice cream, we walked around, we went to the top of the island and had a few hours to talk about how great grandpa is. it was amazing.

couldn't seem to keep my eyes open.

we even let out a paper lantern for our new birthday tradition.

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