this weekend, i'm excited about THIS GUY

on friday, i drove up to northern california.
so excited.
i hadn't seen jackson for almost two weeks so i had butterflies driving up there.
i listened to a book on CD for school and tried not to stop much.

i met jackson's new teacher and picked him up from his new school.
 it was weird not being a part of his classroom or know any of his classmates.  
his school was very different than his last school... there was a child held hostage at gunpoint from his father so the school was on lockdown on that monday previous, so it's been quite adventurous.  

jack loves to get a car wash, so we went through one.

we headed over to chuck-e-cheese for hours of fun!

why don't we have one of these at our chuck e cheeses? awesome.

we got gluten-free pizza and had my friend's parents come over to say hi to us.

the next morning jackson had his new tee-ball parade
and opening day.

we decorated their truck (float)
and tried to keep the kids busy while waiting for the parade to start.
i tried my best to get them all play "simon says" with me. i taught them a little clap cheer for when they were out there.

after the game, we went to a farm area to feed goats and ducks.
we probably did this for over an hour because ya just don't see this in orange county too often.

he wanted to relax back at my friend's house so we played with their dog and took a tiny nap.
after we went on a little spontaneous hike by the river.

only in sacramento...

we sat right behind this tree.
we made a bunch of wishes, and blew them into the water below us.

sure love him, so much.

after the hike, we went to SKY HIGH where he jumped for an hour.

right after, we walked over to climb the walls.

we came back to my friend's house after jack had fallen asleep.  
my friend brittany and i decorated her house until 3am!
finally i met another person who likes to go over and above!

he still wanted to see lucky, but it didn't seem to come...

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