jackers update

sad! i haven't done one of these for too long.
here it goes:
::things i'm loving about jackson lately::

1. he tells my friends when their house or car is dirty. probably not something to love but it's something unique, so i love it regardless.
2. he tells me when i look like a boy with my haircut. he cares.
3. the other day my dad took jack to get an ice cream cone at el pollo loco down the street while i was with a client. jack ran up to my dad and said, "all my friends are here!" they were a bunch of hispanic kids he has never met. he walked up to each, asking their age.
4. how every time it rains, he is always willing to run out to the rain with me to jump in puddles.

5. my sister sent this to me: "okay, so I totally teach your nephew Jackson in primary!! It was SO FUNNY because today was my first day and he raised his hand and said "um excuse me, could you please wear that same outfit every sunday so I can remember what you look like" SO CUTE!! Then... I would ask him a question and he would say, um, um, um, I don't know, I just want to color or I don't know I just want to sing to you. LOVE HIM"
6. how he asked me in front of a guy we hung out with (as friends) ...
"mom, you should marry _____. he would be a fun daddy." 
- you've gotta love this stage in his life where he is trying to figure out relationships.
7. on sunday, i was preparing his bath. there was a HUGE daddy-long leg just chillin'. i showed him the spider and he said..."so is this is mean spider or a nice spider?" i told him it was a nice spider.  his response shortly after was, "oh, so then it's a mommy-long leg."  he walked over to the spider, put his hands on his knees and said, "mommy-long-leg, you need to find your daddy and be with your family, not my bath tub.  okay? just go.  come on. goodbye spider!"

8. how much he loves disneyland. he runs to every ride with me. he thinks this place has magic which makes me think it does too.

9. my mom was dropping him off to preschool for me the other day and he said, "mimi, how come all the mommies and grandmas have to go home and clean houses while we get to go to school to learn and play? that isn't fair."

10. i love him so much.  it's amazing how much it grows every day.

3 lovely notes:

Elise said...

drew and i are sitting in a cafe right now just laughing at these. he is the funniest little man.

Skye said...

i love these updates because i smile or laugh the entire time i'm reading. he is so adorable and funny!

Sarah said...

Jackson is such a fun kid, we would love to hang out with him again. Let me know if you need a sitter anytime soon.


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