you know you are staying in a cold hotel room when your water bottle is ice cold in the morning...

saturday morning: started to drive to san jose.
so i did a mask.

monday afternoon: started to drive back home with jack.
stopped at our favorite place to get fruit.
lots of strawberries.

our car broke down.
all lights went on the dash. lots of sounds...

long story short, we are at a dodgey hotel in fresno where there are stains on the sheets & the walls, hair on the bathroom floor, a very springy bed for jackson to jump on and a heater that is broken!

we had an interesting night.
$450 later my 2009 car will get fixed.

all you've gotta do when bad things happen is smile and get through it.
we will be home sometime tonight. 

1 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Sorry your car broke down and that you had to stay at a doggy hotel. Been there and done that. Call it an adventure. I wonder what driver thought of you in your mask. Too funny. Multi-tasking at it's best!


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