loyal to the royal within you

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i love the young women. there is something so sweet about being around girls who are figuring out who they are and who they want to become makes you want to magnify whatever you can as a leader. although i am not around as much as i would like to be, i get to see these beautiful girls the most in the stake.  my calling is made up... i am the creative director for the stake young women's personal progress/assistant to my ward's presidency which basically breaks down to: i float to different wards teaching them how to do hair and makeup or yoga and pilates or healthy ways to eat.  in my own ward i help with personal progress so i was able to help with this particular young women's in excellence activity.

the theme was really clever: loyal to the royal within you.

the theme was found from a general conference talk becky jones found which fit perfectly. we wanted the girls to feel like they were of royal birth and heir.

i had some of my hair peeps come to the church to do their hair and makeup.

in arizona, i had my other young women's do a dance recital during young women's in excellence one year, so i suggested we had one of our ballerinas do it and the pres thought it would be fun.  so it turned out great!  loved seeing the girls look all dressed up like royalty.

i love serving these young women.  it's the best.

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