last night jackson and i played "who am i"
it was his turn.
j: "i am yellow all over, polka dots that are black. like big polka dots.
um, i have claws. i have eyes. i have a mouth. 
i fly sometimes.
i kill things.
i grawl like this... rawr!
who am i?"

m: "a bee"

j: "no mom... bees don't have mouths! another guess."

m: "a tiger shark"

j: "no mom! tiger sharks don't grawl.
okay i'll give you a hint. 
they have teeth and babies named cheetos"

{i'm laughing}
{then i can't stop laughing}

well duh!
when i guessed cheetah, he said,
"finally! i thought you would never guess. i'm tricky."

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