big bear lake

my family had a chance to celebrate christmas a few weeks prior together. we will be spread out with in-laws or elsewhere so we all met at the cabin in big bear lake. it was so nice to spend time where we could relax, play games, eat far too much food and make some memories.

brady and i had to drive up separate because of our busy schedules but were able to make it to day two for some snow tubing. we hooked our tubes, held hands, got fancy and had some fun.

we spent lots of time in the cabin getting warm, cuddling, playing games, celebrating micah's 6th birthday, church, playing in the snow a little bit, pictures and fun things families do.

i fed him ginger snaps so he would sit on my lap.
he's walking. i love it.

elise and linds put together some fun
christmas themed games that we got into.

gift box ornaments into the box game.

linds made the best gluten free chocolate lava cupcakes!

throwing marshmallows from the couch to the television into the small silver bowl.

brady and i made this snowman.

we took family pictures together.
{to see more pictures, you can see my sister's blog or her website for the profesh pictures}

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