a merry christmas

christmas morning was early and exciting. jackson said he heard santa come down the chimney and heard him "ho ho ho!" he saw the plates of cookies and carrots almost finished and said, "see mommy, he loves cookies... he ate them all!" we had a very simple and quiet christmas with having family spread out but it was great! jack received his first real t-ball set and a razor among other gifts. we felt very blessed and fortunate.

we attended church where the choir did a great job portraying the life of the Savior through the beautiful hymns that were sung. jack was a bit restless so i told him to lay his head down on my lap, where he found a nap fit his mood best. i love lap naps... i hope they still continue for a little longer since i don't have another babe to take his nap place during church.
although i'm a stickler about activities on sunday, i figured we could take his new razor out for a spin together. i took his old razor out while he rode his new one. we took it to one of our favorite parks that had a large wall to climb, fun swings and even live chirstmas music. i loved this time i didn't have to share him with anyone and just chat with my little boy about his christmas.
we came back to my parent's home to my grandparents who showered us with gifts and food and lots of love. jackson calls them his great-train-grandparents since their trip from where we live to san diego on the train.

after we played outside with my brother blake and dad with his new t-ball set. my family is obsessed with baseball and so it's fun to see them take jack in as a new player in the family. jack has a mean left arm so they are training him for the big leagues. jack said this christmas day that he wants to be a professional baseball player for the angels. brady taught him how to properly throw, so blake and jack played catch to warm up his arm.
he loves his new mit that fits his right hand.
my grandparents set up their bleachers in their new volkswagon van and watched us play! so cute.

it was a good game.
a new handshake was born this day between poppi and jack.
love good family bonding over baseball.
he set up his new toy outside for tomorrow and put his bat my padres drink cooler. love his creativity.
we celebrated with some gluten-free chocolate cake and chocolate-chip ice cream. it was a memorable and happy christmas!

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jaybs said...

Jackson just looks so Cute in his Baseball Outfit, it is so Nice to see Family together! I miss it so much J xxx


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