our christmas together

brady has been very busy with his schedule at the hospital again so our time together for christmas was short but lots of fun! he is always the best with making sure we make the most of our little bits of time.

we first went on a hike to the pacific palisades. we have been wanting to do this hike for a while so we hurried over there before the sun went down. it was a beautiful hike, only four miles total and had the prettiest views of malibu, santa monica and downtown los angeles.
there was this cute old englishman that we asked to take our picture with the scenery in the background but instead he insisted on getting close-up without LA behind us! we couldn't hold in our smiles... it was pretty funny.

after the hike, we worked up a good enough appetite for pizza. pumpkin pizza.
.. it ended up being so small and the soup we ordered i couldn't eat so we just went back to his apartment to eat lots of chocolate and open our christmas gifts to each other.

i did the 12 days of christmas for brady - just full of random gifts but the last gift was this little deck of cards... similar to the one my friend jenn made for her husband.
it took longer than i thought it would but was fun nonetheless to think of 52 things. i love this guy!

2 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

You really made me smile with your comment "Cute Old English Man" are you sure it was not me? LOL! No I would have taken a better photo. You and Brady always look so Perfect and Happy so Pleased for You Both! Glad you had a good Christmas! how is my Little Man Jackson, though not little any more! tell him Uncle John sends him a Big Hug! J XXX

Josie said...

Oh my gosh! This is adorable and I am so going to do this for my boyfriend. He's a close up card magician so I think he'd like it! :)


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