valentines day: mini love version

cake made by jack.
gluten free chocolate and strawberry frosting!
we ate the whole cake with sharing a few pieces!
Valentines 2012
finally finished all of jack's valentine crayons for his class the night before!
he told me they were a hit but the stickers were not so much.

spent some of the day in laguna beach
then went to jack's karate!
he kept coming over to me to give me kisses during class!
what distraction? whoopsies...
dinner - his choice
frozen yogurt with a cheeky smile
then we rode the ferris wheel in irvine! it's one of our favorite things to do.
jack forgot how high we go and held onto my legs for the first few rounds!
then he mustered up enough courage to hold my hand and lift his head!
we had a contest who has the chubbiest cheeks - the jury is still undecided.
i gave him a sparkly heart for our cheeks to match. he liked it for
about 3 minutes and then threw it off the
seat to see if it would sparkle on the way down... hmm.
loved our quality time together.
it's always sweet and fun when you are with someone you love.
my other valentine was working his two-day shift, so i got this surprise in my inbox!
40 pages of a poem he wrote and inserted our jib-jab faces in!
the only expression i had on valentines day was the biggest smile!
i am feeling le love.

1 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Looks like you had a valentines day filled with lots of love. Can't ask for anything more than that. I tried your vinegar and water and it did make my hair softer but boy was it stinky!


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