last day at disneyland!

after we both finished our schooling on monday, we took off for some mommy and jackson time at disneyland to enjoy our last day with our passes. here is a glimpse of what went down...

stopped by the ESPN center to make a penny as tradition goes. it puts a smile that is hard to take off this face of his!
our first ride after the monorail was space mountain! no one was really in the park so it was a breeze just walking right on.
if anyone sits next to jackson during a roller coaster ride, they soon find out jackson screams as loud as possible, the entire time. i laugh the entire ride at his screaming without fail; even though i know it's coming i just think it's the funniest thing. it's not just any boy scream, it's a "ahhhhh!!! {pause for breath} ahhhhhhh ahhhhhha hhhhhhhh!!! {breath} ahhhhhhh!!!!..." at most times when it's finished we are tired from me laughing to him screaming mixed with the thrill of it all. then we try to sit on the ride for another whip if they let us!
we walked through sleeping beauty's castle {churro in hand} and i read the story to jackson as we walked through it. he loved it as he pressed his nose against the glass. having a kid is so fun.
we met up with jess, her mother-in-law visiting from virginia and our favorite little boys! we went on a few rides together and enjoyed some dole whip! national yogurt day was celebrated nicely. jack loves making his twins smile and cracked jokes that
made no sense, yet however had the boys rolling.
i say this every time, but these disneyland passes, will be missed. i won't miss the guilt of missing months from being too busy to go or the tired feet after spending hours on end in the park but i will miss the memories and the fun we easily have here.
we hope to be back soon enough.


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