little jack poi

karate, karate, karate.
that is the topic of conversation with this little babe.

i really didn't think he would be as into it as he is,
but i'll take it!

if i could sign him up with baseball or soccer, i would.
in a heartbeat.
he only misses one day every other week and i am lucky enough to have a flexible work and school schedule that i'm able to attend. his gee {that's what it's called} is far too large. i'm thinking his teacher wanted it to double for mine as well? he's swimming in it.

after his last practice, we watched the sun go down, while he showed me some of the new moves he learned. the times i feel like i should be caught up with all my friends and be on baby number 3 or 4, i am extremely grateful for nights like these where ic an give jackson all my attention and time; just the two of us.

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Smykolandia said...

Wow, beautiful pictures and view. Good boy.


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