jack update

little jack and i have been up to only good.
here are a few highlights to share:

he loves to go out to eat so i made a special night carved out for just the two of us to grab something to eat at one of our favorite places - islands!
almost daily, jack will ask when winter is over. he has high hopes for warmth. we went for a little swim, only to find a snake in the pool! he is scarred!
he has always showed interest in gardening ever since he was 2! i love it. he watered the plants with me the other day.
we picked up "lady" from the color-me-mine the other night. he carries her around like she is a stuffed animal! he tells me, "mom, i don't think i want a real dog because i wouldn't want to pick up after it. so i'm okay with having all my grandparents to have doggies." oh the irony.
when driving home the other day, he HAD to get a shake. so we did. we split one... half and half. he glues his face to the windows to watch the french fries get cut and thrown in oil. brady convinced him that jack works there 6 months ago when he received his first hat. he told me when driving away, "mom, i'm glad i didn't have to work the totates tonight. i'm so tired."
he gave his longest prayer yet. if i were to time it, my best bet would be 4 to 5 minutes easy. i was irreverently snapping a few shots of how cute he was while saying them. i hope he doesn't grow out of this stage.
why won't time just freeze? i'm loving it!

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