good life

we have been on the go and busy like usual.
life is really good!
here is a glimpse into pieces of our days lately according to my phone:

new park!
there is one of the coolest parks a mile from where we live! it couldn't be more perfect, clean and pretty. i took jack there thinking he would become uninterested within 15 minutes but we ended up climbing, swinging and finding fun things to do there until the sun went down.
{he had been saving this soda for a while. i told him he could have it when the new park was up}
we still had energy so we checked out what lowe's had to offer in fun and entertainment for the evening.
they did their job.
they sell plants that make blueberries? we are sold. done.
jack picked out an elephant bush.
can't wait to plant this succulent with this schweetie.

i'll explain this one...

my friend says, "try this self-tanner. you are the whitest i've ever seen you."
i put it on, and then fell asleep.
result. it's a week later and i'm still tie-die ernie. :)

cute brady tried his first artichoke outside of a dip last week when i made him dinner.
he was so funny when i looked over and his mouth had four leaves in it. he was concerned how leafy it tasted.
love this guy!
matt, the CEO of YIMPS shorts asked me to do some art directing, prop managing, talent coordinating and more for a shoot we finished on monday. i'm pretty happy with it and also happy it's all done! so much time and planning goes into a simple shoot. we had the talented ryan bunker as the main photographer, calvin muusse and kevin clark from modern, Modern Voyage, all the celebrity stylists from Serandi and Dennis Lee, also Summer Thacker who did the wardrobe styling, as well as Motiv Electric Bikes there delivering a truck full of bikes. such a busy day but good day!

i did some shopping for all the models and talent.
they were all pretty happy about the food.

i also ended up doing hair and makeup for the models.
i stick my tongue out when i'm really concentrating..
my least attractive subconscious pet peeve i can call my own. whatcanyado?
i also ended up getting in the 50-degree water for one of the looks to help the models get on the inflatable mattress. none of the girls would go out because of the numbing cold pain but i'm not too worried about it. i'd rather keep their hair and makeup looking good.
i'll post more pictures when i get the edited ones.

i feel very grown-up going to parent-teacher-conferences.
do i think i'm young but i'm actually old or am i thinking i'm old by going but i'm really young?
i guess it brings you back to that perspective of the glass being full or empty.
jack has a great teacher who loves him dearly. so sweet.
she said such nice things about him that i cannot take credit for. he really has found himself to be a sweet little boy who wants to learn. it's just kindergarten but he is being set up for success.

she said he is intelligent, social and gets bored when he isn't given a challenge.
i've got my work cut out for me and i'm happy for it. this will be a fun twelve more years at the least of schooling.

that's all i have for now.

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meredith conroy said...

nice legs, gurl!!!


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