our pretty days at the park this week

when i get ready for the day, jack sits next to me and squishes his cheeks, sneaks in some marks on his face and looks at himself. when does vanity start? not five. no way jose.

my best friend and i got together for some lunch with the boys at a local beach pizza joint we have never tried yet and then, we stopped by our favorite park up the street. it's where she and i have had multiple birthday parties as kids. we might have mentioned this to our boys and they might have cared less about it. ha! i think jack said something to the effect of, "oh so this park is super old." yes. yes, this park is super old because we are super old.

i'm digressing... we played. we played bug games. gatorade turned into magic bug juice. they sipped and i told them it helps their eyes turn into bug eyes and their arms into fly wings. they flapped, hopped, jumped and hunted for bugs for the next little while.

a friend of mine had to rush up to utah for a family emergency and so we are all pitching in to help with her three kids while she is away. her kids are so sweet and obedient it was such a treat to be around all of these angels. i took the kids to the new park we are obsessed with down the street. jack brought wiggly, the snail, to show his park friends...

jack was prepared for a flood with his pants... #whatcanyado? #stopgrowing.

loved these bug-filled park days!

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