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so much goes on during the week that it's hard for me to recap it all. in a nutshell, i'm a busy person. i find this busyness to be "first world problems" since they are nothing like not being able to eat, or have a roof over our heads or blankets to keep us warm so i have nothing to complain about. however when the days and weeks turn into nights and weekends in a blink i would like to know where that time has gone and how i can retrieve it. until i find this resolution, i have decided to put my health in the backseat... yep, this backseat

and drink a diet coke from time to time.

my friend and i stay on time of each other to not get these so i had to turn myself in and confess of my foul.

this week one of our salon owner's taught a GREAT GREAT long layers class that i snapped a quick shot. i thought i knew it all with long layers but this guy (celebrity stylist) showed me a thing or two i can't wait to try. weaving the scissors in between the layers with the razor and such! so fun! he loved that i caught him in his "i heart barcelona" shirt. :)
my model was the cat's meow!
guess who decided he would like to be done with karate?
you betcha.

jack doesn't want to finish out his last week of karate... along with about three of his classmates. i don't blame him however. his sun sai is a little tough and picks on little jack often so i gave him some slack. we went to the health nut store around the corner and i bought him a cranberry granola cookie the size of his head!

he is a tired buddy. i love it when he falls asleep while i tickle his back next to me when i read.

jack and i made this little home of blocks. the details of each place we made are intricate. the bad guys are in one spot, the dinos are in another, the superheros are over in another section and so forth. he gets so carried away until he is so tired.
brace yourself: if you don't like blood, stop scrolling down.
brady always has interesting weeks but this week has been especially fascinating. his patient was in a car accident... this is his before and after picture. he is so talented and so clean with each of his patients. i love the detail he puts into each patient's case. they are lucky to be in his care.

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