westwood + culver city weekend

brady works  80 - 100 hours at the hospital  each week so when he comes home, he is pretty tired.  friday night we took it very easy. we drove to westwood for some dinner at 800 degrees after a recommendation from my friend who recently went. 
it wasn't a place for someone who is highly allergic to wheat, gluten, barely and rye like i am, but the salad was delicious!  you build your own pizza and it was inexpensive with a cool atmosphere.  

on sunday we had the opportunity to listen to elder oakes speak to us at stake conference.  so amazing!
then we came back and i made some desserts... one including gluten free brownies with mini-peanut butter cups in the middle (so i added another layer on top).
after NINE whole days, jack came back from much traveling to and from arizona and then driving to and from san francisco!  so happy to have him back!  brady and i took him up to this cool park up in the hills of culver city.  it was such a beautiful day! we brought the soccer ball, the baseball, gloves and frisbee.  

{jack and brady playing soccer... brady is giving him a head start} 

i wasn't planning on playing so the only shoes i brought were the ones i wore to church. whoopsies!

 one of my favorite things to do with brady is play catch.  we both have a love for the game and grew up in families that also love baseball so its a lot of fun to throw the ball around with him.

we came back as the sun was coming down and the boys raced back to the front door as always. 

such a fun sunday!

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