we drove to brady's family's home in arizona for {give or take} 30 hours.  
a visit to the 99 cent store for this sweet guy's pinwheel was in order. 
i just love his entire family.  they are such loving, sweet people.  you can just feel the love each of them have for each other in the home they grew up in.  we quickly went to the Angels vs. Cubs spring training game in 92 degree weather.  we spent lots of quality time catching up with everyone + had such a great time.  so glad we went!

this picture makes me laugh. 
for real. 
this guy.

i think i have stared at this picture for an accumulation of at least an hour. i don't know if i have found one like this in a while.  brady's mom snuck up behind these guys and took it and i hold it dear to me.

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