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another lazy link post...
some of you love it some of you probably hate it.

if you want to learn how to cook veggies different ways, click on lous' website.  i go on her website almost every time i am entertaining for at least one dish.  she has the best tips.

christmas is super close. like three months away.  hope that put a smile on your face.
this may be premature but this could take three months if you tackle it.  i wanna try.

my friend brittany had one of the most creative weddings ever.  hopefully she will post more pictures soon.

fashion week just ended in new york.  carmen's fashion show stuck out to me.

if you are feeling like you need a new project to do (oh i miss this feeling), howabout making this.

my friend nicole took pictures of an art party.  lots of colors, fun ideas and great photography.  i feel like this should be in a magazine.

i have been giving people (my friends) raw honey facials.  i love painting that gunk on the face, catching the drip and then seeing how amazing the skin looks after.

i rrrrreally want this ring.  i can't fork over that money for something i can hope forever 21 will carry someday for $3.80 and that the possibility of me loosing it is at an all time high.

did you see the royal tenebaums?  i think i saw it years ago when it was on tv.  well, finger puppets are available for purchasing.

no link for this, but i am craving bbq'ed chicken lately.  weird right? the vegan version of me four years ago would cringe but for reals, like mouth-watering cravings.  anyone know of a good gluten free sauce?

i hope everyone has a great weekend! jackson and i are going to disneyland and possibly somewhere on the fly!

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