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Uummannaq, Greenland, population: 1,299 
By Zinni
greenland population 1,299 via this flickr

so this weekend is going to busy.  i'll be doing hair all weekend of course, san diego for the release party for 944, and pick up jackson who is in san francisco on sunday night.  i miss that little boy but trying to crowd my time now so i can be with him with no distractions soon.

so here are my lazy links to give you something all weekend:

this writer is super creative.  she writes for new york's glamour magazine and has a cute post about striped couples.  sometimes i feel like all me and jack wear are stripes and then all my friends wear stripes.  i like it.

my friends and i laughed over this you tube video this week.  unicorn after wisdom teeth

this blog is super cute.

if you enjoy music, you will like this site.

i really like this necklace.  it's simple, pretty and just great. 

i forget names all the time for my own reasons but i thought this articlewas kind of worth a read.

for anyone who is getting married or you need to buy a bridal shower gift,this lingerie is my favorite. it's beautiful.

i think i have dreamt about this house. goodbye summer, and fall - siked you are here.  i like this grey weather and the ability to turn on my heater.

2 lovely notes:

JKA said...

Love all your cool finds... Thanks Melissa!

Annie Cristina said...

Thanks for sharing all those cool links! Especially the one re: remembering names. I REALLY needed to read this, as I sometimes have issues remembering my students' names. You rock for posting it -- thanks again!



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