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it's been a while since i've had a chance to talk about jack.  
so i promise an update tomorrow about him.
so many new things have been going on with us.
he starts preschool later today so i'm getting excited to wake him up, get him ready and be next to him when he walks into a new class, new teacher, etc.  his new teacher is incredible and we had to be on a waiting list that was long, but somehow we got in!  i have known her for decades and she is also on broadway so she loves to put on shows for the parents.

i don't know where to really start but here is update overload:
we are still keeping it real with our occasional photobooths.
when we are done, we are both exhausted from laughing.  good times.

our friends came down to live here, the randalls, so i invited some good friends of mine to meet us down at the beach.  jack was brave enough to let me teach him how to body surf!  this was emotional for me to see him take each wave in and want to do it again.  it was a lot of fun to bring all our kids, have a picnic and then take them to the pool.  

nothing like a double date of two boys to the irvine spectrum!  we rode the carousel, the train, tried to get on the ferris wheel but it was closed, so then i let them play in the water... despite the rules, i let them enjoy it fully...
 then we met linds and mitch for dinner at red robin...
sidenote: we went to red robin for this and only this: endless fries.
gluten free even. 
they even make balloons while you wait.
... we've gotta go back.

jackson has been all about catching snails. 
he loves them bugs! ... he even asked me to take these pictures.

we went over to one of my friend's houses for dinner.  she lives in one of the prettiest neighborhoods i've ever seen in old town san juan capistrano.
her house is beautiful! it was build in the 1800's and she has refurbished it to look modern.
a garden, a tree house and a swing... it was amazing

recently, we went to upland to see our good friends the randalls again.  she is super sweet and planned out an entire day of fun things to do.  i gave her some shoes in the car and she stopped the car just to try them on!  love it!

i love taking people to trader joes.  something about showing them what to buy and what not to buy is exciting.  
we went home and made this salad my sister-in-law originated.  so good!
she has a garden already.  i couldn't believe how organized she is for only living here for a little bit.

i didn't want to leave but had to do hair for a bride.  we had such a good time. jack loves his friend jack.

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