such a dandy friday

friday links
jack: "mom, today is a day of fools. let's tease people!"
this weekend should be great.
we will be busy spending time together, doing hairs, jack gets to go to the beach while i work, and most importantly, we will be watching general conference. really looking forward to this weekend.

+ back to the future was a great flick. so are these photos.

+ sorry for those that are sick of this, but marcel the shell will never get old to me.

+ jack and i are moving soon. i am looking for things to decorate out of habit but not out necessity. this is where i am looking but not buying.

+ there is this artist i like, marco suarez that has some neat, neat designs in circles. the symbolism gets me. especially his new work.

+ some of you like music. this guy does.  i have contributed a little if you scroll towards the middle of this blog. free music.  take advantage yo!

 + a few reasons why you may or may not be married. 
i liked this article and tend to agree with most of her opinions.

+ we are getting deep on this link list... where have all the good men gone? wsj article i liked.

lastly, i leave with you something someone just told me.
maybe it will move you, even just a little.
"an invisible red thread connects those who 
are destined to meet regardless of time,
place or circumstance.
the thread may stretch or tangle
but will never break."
-chinese proverb

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