road trip north

this weekend i drove to san francisco solo for 24 hours
the side streets in northern california are gorgeous
i had a lovely visit with my AMAZING friend 
sara who is battling with stage four colon cancer.  
she stayed up late for me to arrive and we ended up talking later than expected.
i loved every second of it.  
she is one of my favorite people. 
a tunnel in the heart of the city late at night

three stages of the morning view of the high rises in 
san francisco from my shower.

then, i picked up my baby bright and early! 
on our way home and very tired
{i let him eat some unhealthy food on our roadtrips - 
although he didn't eat the cookie}
busy makin' me some artwork on his feet
.... as well as the side part of the car.

we got home safe and back to daily routines. 
it's good to have him home.

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