friday friday friday

i'll try to do these friday posts sometimes. i hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

i am thinking a girl's night with no men, no kids should happen soon. my type of girl's night means comfy clothes, fun music, good friends and projects. who wants to make these book mobiles with me? i want to make at least a baker's dozen.

this video is magnificent. danny rides bikes all over and where he does in this video is beautiful. i recognized only a few places here and it made me want to go back. europe is unreal. danny is great to.

my friend jamie is a seamstress. she is making her aprons now for sale and there is a giveaway. you would love them!

'member when you put those glow-in-the-dark stars on your walls and ceilings as kids? here is the adult version.

apples are the word on the streets these days with fall all around us. soooo, i think i want to make these gluten-free apple fritters.

general conference is this weekend, which means if you have a child, they may get restless. there are packets you can print here to keep them busy for all ages.

this looked like fun to do. call me nuts but it's better than any puzzle i can imagine.

i'm into organizing; especially a kitchen. when a kitchen is cluttered it makes me have thoughts of not wanting to be in it. this lady is great with organizing a kitchen.

do you have a friend that is getting married or thinking about getting married? pass on my name and they can get the entry fee waived. oh, and a free wedding.

2 lovely notes:

Annie said...

Fun ideas! I really want to hang out!!

Summer said...

I want a girls night! I miss you!


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