someone is in kindergarden!!!
it has been such an exciting time.
we walk to class.
we love his teacher.
we both had butterflies on his first day.
he told me he wants to wear "fancy" clothes for his picture day.
everyday he tells me something new he is learning about.
he has four friends from church in his class - so cool!

those few hours he is gone everyday, i miss him terribly but know that he is being challenged. this summer he has been a bit bored with our books, our colorings and the prep i've done to get him ready for kindergarden. he has felt very ready and can't wait to learn more words to be able to read. he is the TALLEST one in the class except a boy named Sando who is his same height. i am looking forward to a long journey of homework, back-to-school-nights and many calls from the school district!


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