a few weekends ago we drove to san diego for 
a day of new memories.

the night before i made the boys gluten free rice krispies and surprised jackson with tickets, a day-off of work and no distractions and our undivided attention.  i so couldn't sleep i was too excited to wake him up!

 brady bought jackson some fish to feed the seals...
the seagulls grabbed one of the fish. 
it was great.

 he was exhausted.
we thought he would fall asleep driving home...
so we stopped by the beach
and made some pretty neat sand castles.
it started out with jack helping us and then it ended with brady and me making cars 2 palaces with jack directing.

 notice the street lights made out of seaweed?
the surgeon is an artist as well. he has it all.

such a great weekend.

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