on 11.11.11 we were all suppose to do something really great, especially at 11:11, right?  
if someone were to ask me what i did years from now, the biggest smile would defeat all others. 
i spent it with a favorite person of mine
 at one of my favorite quick vacations in catalina.

i have been here many times before but never have i been with someone who has had it mapped out, planned so well and with someone who can make fun out of nothing.  we pretty much did everything out of the water catalina offers {due to the weather}

the order of events is off, of what we did.  i'm not a professional blogger but those that are, i think you guys rock!

we saw REAL STEEL in the casino.  did anyone else get tear up on this one?
lets get real, you know half the people in there were.  it ended up exceeding our expectations.


i couldn't have asked for a more fun date to zipline for the first time with.  brady has this desire to fly and i will try most things that are safe and fun so this had us stoked the whole time.  

one of the lines. 

so clever. camera through the helmet.


 we hiked the "airport in the sky" trail above the wrigley botanical garden. it was about 6 miles total. we didn't see any bison but lots of birds. brady sent me a link to this 50-mile hike that looked amazing but i am a woose and have a sprained muscle behind my bad knee and the weather wasn't the greatest for the time we were going to do it.

who hikes in this outfit? i do. what? 
 i was cold and forgot my pants didn't go all the way down. 
brady, always looking good.

there was a race going on while we were there. i cannot imagine running a marathon in the rain, the mud and those hills but those that did, were awesome.


brady pulling red out of the picture.

have you ever heard of miniature bowling?
it is pretty fun.
this guy right here bowled 4 strikes, and scored high.
bowling league anyone?  we are down.  
i'll make the snacks for it.

double scoop!
we could skee ball all day.

never thought a sock monkey could look so good.

we boarded the rainy, rocky ship.
we both felt sick.
we stood the whole time.

catalina, you were so good to us. 
thanks for the thrills.

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