friday friday f r i d a y

{picture by jack}
happy weekend!
hope you all enjoy your weekend!  ours will be filled with rain, hammock laying, beach house going and hopefully good book reading along with some good movies at night.  

here are some links for you!

street flyer by an artist from AUS. how were you born? 

if you ride bikes, you would love this netted vest. so rad.

this video teared me up!
everyone in love needs a leafy picture like this, this season, ya?
nifty idea. i don't know if i would pay money for it. i'd probably make it but cool.
suspended dandelions? i'm in love.

i want this sweater on my upper half. j crew is so on it.
i'm a sucker for parties and making things. this is something i want to make.  not sure what i'd put on them but it looks like fun.

2 lovely notes:

Ben + Amanda said...

I love your blog, for a lot of different reasons. :) And so not surprised the d land lady painted jacks face for free. You are the queen of paying it forward.

likeschocolate said...

Way to go Jack for taking such an awesome photo! Love the lego bag.
Have a happy weekend!


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