tricks and tips to make your thanksgiving the bee's knees

sale items for your thanksgiving printables are found here
table decor printables for your thanksgiving
to make a perfect dessert thanksgiving table, look here and get ideas.
if you give out homemade jam, here is where you can buy your personalized label.

table decor printables for your thanksgiving
free thankful sign you can print on canvas beige paper and frame.
free fall circles to cut out (picture below)

inside or outside when you eat, lights draping or harvest colored buttons glued to 
string make the table perfect.

as you know, kids usually sit at their own table on thanksgiving... give them little paper dollies and crayons in the middle of the table to draw on after they finish eating.  better yet, add a glue stick and feathers to have them build a turkey.  eat a turkey, make a turkey - win win.

if you have been to a baby shower i've thrown, i've most likely used clothes pins.
use these vintage style kind or use a variety of style and colors and have everyone write down what they are thankful for.

i love using ribbons on chairs each holiday. try it with cupcake liners facing the outside of the chair.
it looks like a turkey.
gobble gobble.

mason jars with any brush weed coming out or 
vintage flower adds the right amount of flare.

granny smith apples add the right amount of color for your 
table to contrast the tan and brown hues.

you can make your homemade spiced cider recipe and add cinn. sticks.
my mom taught me this handy trick.

we only have 11 more days until thanksgiving!
one of my favorite holidays!

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